New to amateur radio?

Peruse below for some good resources.

If you’re into Podcasts, these are great to introduce you to the hobby and expand your knowledge & interests in the hobby:

Ham Radio 360 is no longer being produced, but the content is great and up to date for the new operator:

Ono, VK6FLAB, is a great listen for all things radio. The podcasts are quick, to the point, and offer a new look.

Foundation of Amateur Radio

100 Watts & a Wire is different type of Podcast. He is more into the Life of Ham, rather then the ‘techy’ stuff.

(There is also a great Facebook Community that goes along with this podcast.)

100 Watts & a Wire

Ham Radio Workbench is a spin off of Ham Radio 360, but is a much more ‘deep dive’ into the subject material.

Ham Radio Workbench

YouTube has been designated the new ‘Elmer’ for every Operator from new to old.

David Casler is one of the greatest resources that a new op can find on YouTube. From “Ask Dave” to entire series on getting our licence, to gear reviews:

Dave Casler

Ham Radio Concepts has a lot. His purpose is to help others in the Amateur Radio Communnity:

Ham Radio Concepts

KB9VBR is a reletave new comer to YouTube, but has quality info:


If you’re interested in going out and about with your radios, Then check our Field Radio Podcast. (Yes, but he has both Videos & Podcasts.)

Field Radio Podcast Site / Field Radio YouTube Site

If you want to go into the Field Commando Style, Check out OH8STN. He is the Go To on this subject. / OH8STN Youtube

Websites that Every Operator should use: